Northern Tier 2010

September 4, 2010

Subaru States

Filed under: New Hampshire, Section 11, Vermont — Henry Scott @ 12:59 pm

Perhaps divine inspiration led me to stop early yesterday, because in hindsight it was a very good decision. I had plenty of time to make camp, eat, get cleaned up, and relax by the river. I was in my tent for the night by six, sleeping seven, and I didn’t emerge until after seven this morning. I slept for almost twelve hours! I ate more calories than I burned, preparing for a longer day cycling than what materialized, and the combination of fuel and rest brought me into today feeling strong.

Additionally, riding conditions were much better today: the haze of recent days lifted, and the temperature and humidity both dropped. And, I had a strong tailwind for most of the day, as opposed to a headwind yesterday. I didn’t mention yesterday’s headwind to avoid being greedy — except for a couple of days near Lake Erie, I’ve clearly benefitted from westerly winds since Muscatine.

The Vermont roads have been excellent, and although steep in sections, the climbs haven’t been as difficult as I feared, leaving me free to take in the beautiful landscape. The locals are apparently, and understandably, quite proud of their state based on the high frequency of Subarus plastered with pro-Vermont stickers. They also continue the trend I’ve experienced across the country in terms of sharing the road, even when it gets narrow, and I often receive gestures of encouragement from the passing Subarus (by far the most common vehicle I see).

I found myself crossing the Connecticut River and entering New Hampshire around lunch time. I was disappointed to not see a NH welcome sign on rural 113, but I followed the Connecticut River north for the next ten miles and, at the advice of a cyclist I met along the way, crossed back over to VT for lunch at the Fairlee Diner, and was pleased to get the desired self portrait when I made my final crossing back into NH on the more heavily traveled 25A. (Subaru continues to be the most popular car.)

After a decadent hot fudge sunday in North Haverhill, I made my final climb of the day toward Mt. Moosilauke (west of North Woodstock) and am now camped in the USFS Wildwood campground. I finally got caught in some rain on the way which, oddly enough, was a welcome opportunity to use the expensive rain jacket that’s spent most of the tour packed away — it was a much-appreciated birthday present from Jennifer.



  1. Section 11 of 11 I see. Stoffer and I thought of you on our 25 mile afternoon trip to Georgetown and back through Bethesda – a minor detour for you. We also had a “teleconference” last night around outdoor dinners here and at North East, and everyone’s excited about meeting you at the end of the road in Maine next week. I’m already looking forward to the book and the movie. Enjoy the day in New Hampshire.

    Comment by John Scott — September 5, 2010 @ 6:30 pm

  2. Welcome to New Hampshire! Yes, the Subaru is a popular car around here….We love ours!!!

    Comment by Kim Hock — September 5, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

  3. Forgot to tell you how impressed Morgan was with the beautiful rainbow picture!

    Comment by Kim Hock — September 5, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

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