Northern Tier 2010

August 31, 2010

Shooting the Breeze

Filed under: New York, Section 10 — Henry Scott @ 8:00 pm

As I mentioned yesterday, there were several other cyclists at Fair Haven State Park last night; we spent a while chatting as we packed up this morning, and we left as one big group. Michael and I stopped for a final glimpse of Lake Ontario and then to talk a little longer at the town grocery store before heading in different directions.

At the store, we were joined by a local farmer and truck driver who received the handle “The Milkman” from friends for obvious reasons. He expressed a lot of interest in our respective trips, and it was fun to hear about his experiences in the dairy industry.

I spent even more time than usual speaking with strangers for the first half of today’s ride. I suppose it was partially to procrastinate — today was humid, and although not yet mountainous, the hills are definitely becoming more significant. Today was also hazy, so my photography breaks weren’t very satisfying.

I stopped for a cold drink at a roadside bait shop near Texas (NY) and sat outside, in the shade, talking with the owner while she smoked a cigarette. After lunch in Pulaski I spoke with an elderly gentleman who told me about operating trolleys in his youth.

The burrito I had for lunch wasn’t very good: it was bland and dry. But, as I was climbing up the hills out of Orwell my legs came back to life. I’m not sure if the uninspired burrito provided just the fuel I needed or if, perhaps, I picked up a tailwind. Maybe the root beer I had with lunch was the caffeinated variety. I’m not sure, but I felt great for the rest of the day — that was fortunate, because I didn’t have many more opportunities to socialize.

My tent is pitched behind the Hilltop Market in West Leyden. The market is listed as a camping option on my Adventure Cycling map, but it turns out they haven’t provided campsites for many years. The owner, however, offered to let me set up out back, which I did. It’s actually a good spot: flat, grassy and safe. Plus, the market makes pizzas, so I’m going to bed with a very full stomach.


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