Northern Tier 2010

August 12, 2010


Filed under: Iowa, Section 07 — Henry Scott @ 8:00 pm

Today I encountered all three H’s: hills, headwinds and humidity. The hills became more rolling throughout the day, and although the wind is still from the south, it wasn’t terribly strong. But, it was well into the 90’s and oppressively humid. The riding wasn’t particularly difficult, however, because I took my time and didn’t push very hard. That said, I got off to a late start due to a fun breakfast with Jim, and I covered 105 miles to Massillon, so it was a long day, and I got to camp late. The sun fell a bit faster than I hoped, so I had to pick it up for the last ten miles to arrive before dark.

Despite the unfavorable conditions, today’s ride was quite enjoyable. The sky was very pretty, and I took long breaks in Colesburg and Dyersville. In between I visited the Petersburg cathedral, which is amazingly large and ornate for such a small town.

From Dyersville I rode on the Heritage Trail for the ten miles to Farley, and enjoyed the gentle grade, shade and break from the wind in the tree-lined sections.

I’m camped at the Massillon Count Park, which appears deserted. I’m sure this is partly because it is a weeknight, but there has also been recent flooding on the Wapsipinicon River, on which the park is located. This is good for me, however, because I have no desire to be by the river and ìwas able to tuck my tent in behind a building way up above the water.


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